FriendFeed client for Android

Paid Version Free Version

YouFeed is a FriendFeed client
It is clean & userful

Main Features

  • Read Feeds. Read all your feed list, groups
  • Send Post. post to all subscribed groups & users which you can send direct message
  • Share Content to FriendFeed. Supporting URL, Photo, Music and all friendfeed supported files.
  • Forward Feed Entry.  Share entry via email, MMS and other apps that supported sharing text. Of Cause, You can send it back to FriendFeed via YouFeed ( just like the 'Share' on

Why Should I Buy Paid Version? There is a Free Version!

  • You don't want to see Ads. Paid version remove them
  • Want more functions. More features is comming soon on paid version, e.g., search, multi-user, inline-browser, and more.
  • You love it and want to support my work. :)
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How to use?

Entry List

YouFeed list screen

Single Entry

Discover the content of messages

  • Press menu give you a list of options that you can do on this entry, e.g., add comment, like/unlike, send direct message to author, edit/delete entry.

Compose Post

actions on the messages